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Frugalware est une distribution Linux à vocation généraliste, conçue pour des utilisateurs de niveau intermédiaire/moyen (qui ne sont pas effrayée par le mode texte [NDT: encore que.., loin d'être inaccessible pour un débutant un rien motivé]).

We try to make Frugalware as simple as possible while not forgetting to keep it comfortable for the user. We try to ship fresh and stable software, as close to the original source as possible, because in our opinion most software is the best as is, and doesn't need patching.

More informations in the FAQ.

Latest new

toolchain bumped to gcc6

2016-09-30 - Postée par DeX77

In the last weeks after the release of Frugalware 2.1 crazy went forward and bumped gcc to version 6.2.1. In a concentrated effort all developers worked in the gcc6 WIP repo and rebuild many packages with the new toolchain. Yesterday we merged that WIP into current. If you do your usual "pacman-g2 -Syu" you will be prompted to upgrade pacman-g2 first. Then you will get an error about llvm. So before doing the pacman-g2 upgrade you have to remove llvm and readd it after:

  1. pacman-g2 -Rd llvm
  2. pacman-g2 -Su
  3. pacman-g2 -S llvm
  4. pacman-g2 -Su

Other news

Frugalware 2.1 (Derowd) released

2016-09-05 - Postée par DeX77

Frugalware 2.0 (Rigel) released

2015-02-16 - Postée par ryuo

Frugalware 2.0rc2 (Rigel) est disponible

2014-12-24 - Postée par ryuo

Frugalware 2.0rc1 (Rigel) est disponible !

2014-11-20 - Postée par ryuo