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Frugalware è una distribuzione linux ad uso generale, pensata per gli utenti intermedi (che non hanno paura del terminale).

We try to make Frugalware as simple as possible while not forgetting to keep it comfortable for the user. We try to ship fresh and stable software, as close to the original source as possible, because in our opinion most software is the best as is, and doesn't need patching.

More informations in the FAQ.

Latest new

Frugalware 2.0 (Rigel) released

2015-02-16 - Pubblicata da ryuo

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 2.0, our twentieth stable release.
No new features have been added since 2.0rc2. If you didn't follow the changes during the rc releases, here are the most important changes since 1.9 in no particular order:

  • Package updates:
    • Linux kernel 3.14.19
    • Xorg server 1.15.2
    • KDE 4.14.3
    • GNOME 3.12.2
    • Xfce 4.10.1
    • LXDE 0.99.0
    • LibreOffice
    • Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1
    • Chromium browser 39.0.2171.96
  • New features:
    • MATE 1.8.1
Please refer to the Frugalware Rigel ChangeLog for more information.
Download for i686 and x86_64: See our mirror list. Don't forget to check the integrity of the install images before burning!
If you are upgrading to Rigel from our previous stable release (Arcturus), please read the upgrade part of our documentation.

Other news

Frugalware 2.0rc2 (Rigel) released

2014-12-24 - Pubblicata da ryuo

Frugalware 2.0rc1 (Rigel) released

2014-11-20 - Pubblicata da ryuo

pyFPM need testers

2014-11-11 - Pubblicata da PacMiam

Frugalware 1.9 (Arcturus) released

2013-11-05 - Pubblicata da ryuo