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Frugalware news list

Toolchain bump and rebuild of all packages, switch to MariaDB and libjpeg-turbo2018-02-18DeX77
kernel bump to 4.11; nvidia nobuild2017-05-02DeX77
switch to multilib, drop of i6862016-11-09DeX77
toolchain bumped to gcc62016-09-30DeX77
Frugalware 2.1 (Derowd) released2016-09-05DeX77
Frugalware 2.0 (Rigel) released2015-02-16ryuo
Frugalware 2.0rc2 (Rigel) released2014-12-24ryuo
Frugalware 2.0rc1 (Rigel) released2014-11-20ryuo
pyFPM need testers2014-11-11PacMiam
Frugalware 1.9 (Arcturus) released2013-11-05ryuo
Frugalware 1.9rc2 (Arcturus) released2013-09-16ryuo
Frugalware 1.9rc1 (Arcturus) released2013-09-02ryuo
recent changes in current2013-08-26ryuo
Frugalware 1.9pre2 (Arcturus) released2013-07-01ryuo
Frugalware 1.9pre1 (Arcturus) released2013-04-08ryuo
Big Announcement2013-04-01ryuo
Keyboard Layout changes in current2013-03-02ryuo
Frugalware 1.8 (Cinna) released2013-02-06ryuo
Frugalware 1.8rc2 (Cinna) released2013-01-21ryuo
Frugalware 1.8rc1 (Cinna) released2013-01-06ryuo
Happy new Year !2013-01-02Pingax
Frugalware 1.8pre2 (Cinna) released2012-12-09ryuo
kernel 3.6.x ext4 data corruption bug2012-11-30ryuo
xorg merge2012-11-03ryuo
kernel 3.6.2 ext4 data corruption bug2012-10-24ryuo