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KDE 3.4.0 packages are on mirrors

2005-03-20 - Posted by aThom

KDE 3.4.0 packages are ready!
You can read the announcement here.
You can read about the new features here.
Packaging changes since 3.3.2:

  • Changing groups: If you want to install only the core kde packages, use 'pacman -S kde-core', if you want additional packages (k3b, krusader, etc) use 'pacman -S kde'.
  • kde-i18n packages are in the 'extra/locale' group.

New packages:
kde-i18n-br, kde-i18n-fy, kde-i18n-ga, kde-i18n-lt, kde-i18n-mk, kde-i18n-se

Removed packages:
kde-i18n-af, kde-i18n-el, kde-i18n-fa, kde-i18n-gl, kde-i18n-hr, kde-i18n-mn, kde-i18n-ms, kde-i18n-uz, kde-i18n-zh_TW

Known "bugs" / need to fix:
  • A bug was found in the groupware support of kontact/kmail, which was too late for the KDE 3.4 release. Get kdepim-fix-imap-resource-type.diff applied to the sources before you're using the groupware wizard. For more information, see
  • If you start the, and choose File -> Open, then the dialog appears shortly. After that the KDE Crashmanager come up with the following message:
    The Program Openoffice (kdefilepicker) crash and send signal 11
    It's fixed in the OOo2 KDE builds. (See As workaround on KDE side, add the following lines to your ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals:
  • Upgraders: after the usual 'pacman -Syu', use 'pacman -S kdelibs kdebase' again, otherwise you'll have problems with kde menus!