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Frugalware 0.2 released

2005-04-28 - Posted by VMiklos

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.2, our second stable release.
A short list of the most important improvements and bugfixes since 0.2rc2:

  • updates:
    • Mozilla Suite to 1.7.7
    • MPlayer 1.0pre7

  • new packages:
    • irda-utils (Utilities for infrared communication between devices)
    • frugalrledit (Runlevel Editor for Frugalware Linux.)

  • fixes:
    • added patch to binutils to ignore as_needed libs that were not needed

Please refer to the Frugalware ChangeLog for more information.
Download: netinstall (21M), cd1 (473M), cd2 (691M), cd3 (700M), dvd (2.5G)
252b1b80a7dced637d581215ae8a5c0d frugalware-0.2-cd1.iso
626a429a63e9fa050feac480f03bb2f2 frugalware-0.2-cd2.iso
396e4cb0ffe5e66803d609fe675b9615 frugalware-0.2-cd3.iso
bb0e6b7ac803ff70553f497c91abd6f0 frugalware-0.2-dvd.iso
537648812bed287fb3d23965c5f0a266 frugalware-0.2-net.iso