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Frugalware Christmas gift

2011-12-24 - Posted by Devil505

Frugalware Christmas logo

In few hours, it's Christmas, and guess what ? The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to offer you a gift: the new version of FWLive (Frugalware Live CD/DVD).
  • FWLive is available in different versions:
    • GNOME Desktop Live-CD (fwlive-gnome-*.iso)
    • KDE Desktop Live-CD (fwlive-kde-*.iso)
    • XFCE Desktop Live-CD (fwlive-xfce-*.iso)
    • LXDE Desktop Live-CD (fwlive-lxde-*.iso)
    • Educative Edition Live-CD (fwlive-education-*.iso)
    • Gamer Live-DVD Edition (fwlive-gamer-*.iso)
  • To know:
    • By default, the keyboard is qwerty
    • For now, the only languages available are: en,de,fr,it,hu
    • Default user login and password are: fwlive.
    • Root's password is: fwlive
    • The Frugalware Graphical Installer is added by default
    • The Educative Edition is dedicated for kid's learning
    • The Gamer Edition is a live DVD full of opensource games
NOTE: This version is still beta
Download for i686 and x86_64: See our mirror list. Don't forget to check the integrity of the install images before burning!. ISO images with suffixe -Fr are version with French by default (and a result with azerty keymap).