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Frugalware 0.3rc2-i686 released

2005-10-03 - Posted by VMiklos

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.3rc2-i686, the second release candidate of the upcoming 0.3-i686 stable release.
A short list of most important improvements and news since 0.3rc1-i686:

  • Improvements:
    • Setup: added PPPoE support, added Polish translation, now the whole installation process' log saved to the installed system.
    • New wireless packages: madwifi, wlan-ng, etc.

  • Package highlights: More than 60 new packages: gprsec, squid, privoxy, tor, weechat and more!
  • Updates: As usual, Frugalware comes with the latest version of upstream stable releases, including:
    • Linux kernel 2.6.13
    • 1.1.5
    • Firefox 1.0.7

Please refer to the Frugalware ChangeLog for more information.
Download: netinstall (18M), cd1 (488M), cd2 (649M), dvd (2.7G)
1e647a622223383008b0d119b5ba745d8eba637f frugalware-0.3rc2-i686-cd1.iso
f68794f3c0d9151965ab46f83992c28932129c71 frugalware-0.3rc2-i686-cd2.iso
e9ac4a6fb5d4c2ab9cad909b07222528ac972531 frugalware-0.3rc2-i686-dvd.iso
7630567a25764113000f744a742e10a93cd2a7b5 frugalware-0.3rc2-i686-net.iso