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Frugalware 0.4pre1-i686 released

2005-12-07 - Posted by VMiklos

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.4pre1-i686, the first technical preview release of 0.4-i686.
A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.3-i686:

  • New features:
    • Rewritten setup from scratch in C. The new framework will allow to implement a graphical installer, too.
    • Added lots of new features to the setup, such as expert and normal mode, ignoring (non fatal) errors.
    • Added several translations to the setup.
    • The init script system was redesigned: more user-friendly error messages, now uses gettext for translations.
    • More than 100 new packages: treewm, octave, toolame, mingw, ddd, tellico and much more!

  • Updates: As usual, Frugalware comes with the latest version of upstream stable releases, including:
    • Linux kernel
    • KDE 3.5.0
    • Firefox 1.5
    • GCC 4.0.2
    • GNU C Library 2.3.6
    • GNOME 2.12.2

Please refer to the Frugalware ChangeLog for more information.
Download: netinstall (20M), cd1 (473M), cd2 (650M), dvd (2.9G)
10cc34847b8a4b9f6b83dad3d437cbed6898e436 frugalware-0.4pre1-i686-cd1.iso
32bcca919a1cbdafd673f8f64300a8ad480df12c frugalware-0.4pre1-i686-cd2.iso
8ae11f0cd5a8afd3b505e129788bf7a1943afaaf frugalware-0.4pre1-i686-dvd.iso
4517c1c2bf790cd492e45b04f1c78e986d9719f1 frugalware-0.4pre1-i686-net.iso