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Request: IDE HDDs

2007-04-24 - Posted by IroNiQ

Unfortunately we lost our i686 buildserver. But we have changed our main server to a stronger one, so now we have a quiet good machine. Without any hard disks. So we'd like to ask our users to donate us. Till the i686 buildserver is not working, the current repo is not in sync with the x86_64 one.
The needed HDDs:

  • at least one smaller (20-40GB) IDE HDD for system
  • at least one bigger (min. 80-100GB) IDE HDD for build environment
If you have anything to donate, please send a mail to VMiklos (vmiklos at frugalware dot org) or IroNiQ (iron at frugalware dot org) or search for them on Freenode Network at #frugalware channel.
Thank you for your donation.