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Posted by BANK LOGS WU TRF on Thu 20th Apr 05:14
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  1. Buy Hacked PayPal, Bank wire logins, Wu transfer, cc top-up, cvv, smtp, rdp, inbox mailer, email leads, dumps, warez, with proofs of transactions and accounts. Hello There, I'm a Russian American certified carder and hacker with years of experience. i am selling hacked Wu transfer, Hacked PayPal accounts, Bank wire logins, Money Booker, skrill account, cc top-up all transactions are secured and with zero theft and no charge back.
  2. Contact:
  3. ICQ :701 897 035
  4. Skype : bigsosa271
  5. Email:
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  8. iTunes Accounts, Dumps, warez and fullz info. I have a strong chain of customers and buyers all over the world  i promised to never break this chain till DEATH . I'm offering many offers to earn online money through sources like western union transfers,bank transfers,money bookers and PayPal transfers through offshore database. All transactions are offshore and anonymous and has no trace backs or charge-backs here are the Rates List with Explanation :-
  10. Western Union Transfer :-Transferring Western Union all over the world and it takes 1hour to 12hours maximum to get MTCN and info . You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info + Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Western union Store. (transferring all over the world)
  11. Info needed for WU transfers :-1: Full name2: Cell number (Not Necessary)3: City4: Country5: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc MTCN Will be ready for pick up in maximum 1hour after payment Please Don't ask me for any test transfer..
  12. Western Union Transfer Rates :
  13. $1800 Transfer = $150
  14. $3000 Transfer = $250
  15. $4500 Transfer = $350
  16. $7000 Transfer = $500
  17. $9000 Transfer = $700
  18. Bank Transfers :-This is my responsibility is to transfer the required amount into your account from an offshore server, you have no trace backs or cashback, but it is your responsibility to handle the bankers and get safe your side. i will use my personal method for making clear payment so no dispute no charge-back chances. (transferring all over the world)
  19. Info needed for Bank transfers :-
  20. 1: Bank name
  21. 2: Bank address
  22. 3: Zip code
  23. 4: Account Holder Name
  24. 5: Account number
  25. 6: Account Type
  26. 7: Routing number
  27. Bank transfer will take maximum 6hour for reflection of money in bank account.
  28. Money Booker Transfer :-Offering money bookers /skrill transfer worldwide. It is a instant payment/transfer. i use an offshore server to transfer money bookers so there is no charge-back and negative feedback. (transferring all over the world)
  29. Money Booker Transfer Rates :
  30. $1800 Transfer = $150 Charges
  31. $3000 Transfer = $250 Charges
  32. $5000 Transfer = $400 Charges
  33. $9000 Transfer = $700 Charges
  34. $12000 Transfer = $1000 Charges
  35. $15000 Transfer = $1200 Charges
  36. PayPal Transfer :-Using hacked and verified PayPal accounts to transfer PayPal account to account transfer if you are genius then you can easily dodge PayPal and enjoy big free online money from it. this is depends upon you and this is most safest way to earn money. (transferring all over the world except banned/blacklisted countries)
  37. PayPal Transfer Rates :
  38. $1800 Transfer = $150 Charges
  39. $3000 Transfer = $250 Charges
  40. $5000 Transfer = $400 Charges
  41. $9000 Transfer = $700 Charges
  42. $15,000 Transfer = $1200 Charges
  43. Credit-card Top Up Rates:-
  44. $1800 transfer = $150 Charges
  45. $3000 Transfer = $250 Charges
  46. $5000 Transfer = $400 Charges
  47. $10,000 Transfer = $800 Charges
  48. $15,000 Transfer = $1200 Charges
  49. ***Also selling RDP, SMTP SERVERS, WEB-MAILS, MAILERS, BULK MAILS (US/UK based) DATING ACCOUNTS, cPanel HOSTING, Hacked Panels, CC dumps, Fullz, Bin leads...
  51. A person can take transfer once in a week and maximum 4 times in a month . If anyone want to do regular business with me then you must have more than one bank account, PayPal, Money Booker and fake ids for western union because after 2 or 3 transfers your PayPal and Wu ids will be black listed and banned. so you are advised to have a personal account to transfer funds to and also withdraw for cash or make purchases online. Payments are accepted via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Western Union or Money Gram..
  52. Contact:
  53. ICQ :701 897 035
  54. Skype : bigsosa271
  55. Email:
  56. Gmail :
  57. Yahoo ID:
  60.                VERIFIED SELLER BY ADMIN
  61.         Virus-free.

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