[Frugalware-bugs] ask to change display manager

Frugalware Bug Tracking System bozo at dev.null
Thu Apr 13 19:20:03 CEST 2006

i've installed gdm and used my system for a time, then i've found i need some 
more apps. i can't remember what was exactly installed, but kdebase was among 
them (i needed konqueror). upon reboot, kdm has greeted me. inspecting the 
contents of /etc/sysconfig/desktop showed that all 3 lines mentioning a display 
manager have been uncommented, and beacuse the last was kdm, it was used when 
the sytem entered runlevel 4. there was no challenge for me to put that two 
extra #-s in the right place, but less experienced users (or experienced linux 
users with lesser behind-the-scenes knowledge of frugalware) might be 
surprised, or worse: stuck.

URL: http://bugs.frugalware.org/?do=details&do=details&id=605

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