[Frugalware-bugs] [FBTS] #2469: pacman-g2 crashes in the downloading stage with a segmentation fault

Frugalware noreply at frugalware.org
Fri Oct 5 14:43:37 CEST 2007


A new Flyspray task has been opened.  Details are below. 

User who did this - Magnus Deininger (jyujin) 

Attached to Project - Frugalware
Summary - pacman-g2 crashes in the downloading stage with a segmentation fault
Task Type - Bug Report
Category - Base system
Status - Unconfirmed
Assigned To - 
Operating System - i686
Severity - Medium
Priority - Normal
Reported Version - -current
Due in Version - Undecided
Due Date - Undecided
Details - This happened to me both on the net installer iso as well as after only installing the base system with said iso and then trying to install gnome using 'pacman-g2 -S gnome'.

pacman-g2 version: v3.6.3 - libpacman v0.3.6.3

I'm currently trying to reproduce the issue with a debuggable pacman from git, but haven't had much success so far. However, I did find some weird things using valgrind. Most prominently were a couple of 'Conditional jump or move depends on unitialised values' in mktime(), called in check_olddelay() as well as in strcmp() invoked by _pacman_db_read(). There was also one 'Source and destination overlap' in mempcpy, called via sprintf through _pacman_MDFile.

Gonna try and find more about this issue, I'll report back once I do, then hopefully with a backtrace ;).

Ah yes, I'm running frugalware 0.7rc2 (Sayshell) in an x86 virtualbox on an x86_64 host.

More information can be found at the following URL:

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