[Frugalware-darcs] frugalware-current: kmplayer-0.9.1b-2-i686

crazy crazy at frugalware.org
Fri Mar 3 03:47:08 CET 2006

crazy <crazy at frugalware.org>**20060303015803
 * Fixing *desktop file conflict with kaffeine
   and because this need a rebuild compiled 
   without debug and sorted the depends()
   a bit 
] {
hunk ./extra/source/kde/kmplayer/FrugalBuild 1
-# Last modified: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 11:35:58 +0100
+# Last modified: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 02:56:05 +0100
hunk ./extra/source/kde/kmplayer/FrugalBuild 7
hunk ./extra/source/kde/kmplayer/FrugalBuild 11
-depends=('mplayer' 'gst-plugins' 'libxi' 'libstdc++' 'libxmu' 'libxml2' 'xine-lib' 'libxv' 'qt' 'popt' 'kdelibs')
+depends=('mplayer' 'gst-plugins' 'libstdc++' 'libxml2' 'xine-lib' 'popt' 'kdelibs')
hunk ./extra/source/kde/kmplayer/FrugalBuild 15
-up2date="lynx -dump http://kmplayer.kde.org/pkgs/?D=D|grep km |grep -m1 .tar|sed -n 's/.*-\(.*\)\.t.*/\1/;1 p'"
+up2date="lynx -dump $url/pkgs/?D=D|grep km |grep -m1 .tar|sed -n 's/.*-\(.*\)\.t.*/\1/;1 p'"
hunk ./extra/source/kde/kmplayer/FrugalBuild 22
-	Fbuild --enable-profile --enable-final 
+	Fbuild --enable-profile --enable-final \
+		--disable-debug --without-debug --with-gnu-ld
+	## conflicts with kaffeine ( kaffeine one has more MimeType's so let delete this one)
+	Frm /usr/share/mimelnk/application/x-mplayer2.desktop

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