[Frugalware-devel] package versioning and maintaining

CSÉCSY László boobaa at ajrg.hu
Mon Nov 21 23:37:08 CET 2005

Hi list,

just two or three quickies before going to sleep, but after reading the 
full thread:

>> sudo pacman -Scc?
> This removes the whole cache, which isn't good idea, i think...
1. "pacman -Scc" doesn't do it's job well: sometimes it leaves some old 
fpms. (I know I should give an example...)

2. It would be nice to have one little script which takes a pkgname as 
arg and deletes that fpm from the cache, and does nothing more - we 
could give sudo rights for this script to devels on build servers.

3. The most often thought-(and spoken-)about thing: when I build the 
chroot, $CHROOT/etc/pacman.d/* contains the default files, which are 
pointing to ftp5 at the top preference. This annoys me: if I'm syncing 
(mostly) x86_64 to i686 repo, I often have to wait a day or so for some 
pkgs to reach the mirrors before going forward with those pkgs which are 
depending on it. I see two solutions:

3a. Forge another sudoable script, which does nothing more than adding 
_http_://ftp.fw.o at top preference into $CHROOT/etc/pacman.d/*

3b. At chroot-building time copy the base system's /etc/pacman.d/* into 
the chroot, as build servers should always work from the main repo, not 

This third thing is not a problem for a devel at home/on his own server, 
but on the buildservers - as it were mentioned before somewhere in the 

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