[Frugalware-devel] [PATCH] autoconf/automake for pacman-lib CVS try1

Christian Hamar krics at linuxforum.hu
Thu Oct 13 23:06:51 CEST 2005

Hello there.

Now here is the first piece of automake/autoconf patch for pacman-lib

I synced my CVS tree at today. 

2005-10-10 22:42  aurelien

        * src/pacman/trans.c: added a missing header file declaration

I made the patch for this. In this patch you can find some shell scripts
what i wrote to generate configure and Makefiles, named 'autogen.sh' and
a cleaner script 'autoclean.sh' which cleans the whole dir to the
default. In this patch you can find only the neccessary files. Eg.: No
makefile.in no config.h.in, etc. Those will be generated from
configure.in and Makefile.am's .

Changes to code part:
* alpm.h:
  - I commented out ALPM version in alpm.h, because now it is comes from
configure and config.h

* pacman.c:
  - Extended pacman -V command, now it shows PACMAN_VERSION and
PM_VERSION (which comes from configure and config.h)

The output:
root at frugal64:/CVS/pacman-lib.mod/src/pacman# ./pacman.static -V

 .--.                  Pacman v0.9.5 - libalpm v0.1.0
/ _.-' .-.  .-.  .-.   Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Judd Vinet
<jvinet at zeroflux.org>
\  '-. '-'  '-'  '-'
 '--'                  This program may be freely redistributed under
                       the terms of the GNU General Public License

This is better.

Some notes, i attached a TODO.autoconf file too, which contains the BUGS
and feature needs to be implemented. 

I attached the patch to this mail.

I will waiting for your comments about my patch. I hope it is usefull
and usable :)

Christian Hamar alias krix
Frugalware Development Team

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