[Frugalware-devel] Just two screenshots, frugalware running Xgl on amd64 ; )

CSÉCSY László boobaa at frugalware.org
Tue Feb 21 08:52:49 CET 2006

2006. február 21. 05.10 dátummal Christian Hamar ezt írta:
> Hey.

> http://frugalware.org/~krix/screenshots/
> Frugalware-current running Xgl (opengl accelerated X server) on amd64 :)
> Ps.: I know just only transparency effect is visible on those shots, but
> in real it is faaast and looking good :) (with nvidia card :P )
You should make a bunch of other shots, and ping trey/HUP with them - we need 
some hype around frugalware, as it's only 33rd/36th/42nd/38th on 
distrowatch's last 12/6/3/1 months popularity index.

And the leader ubuntu just got a column on the very same subject: 

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