[Frugalware-devel] gtk+2-2.10.0 report and warnings

Krisztian VASAS iron at frugalware.org
Thu Jul 6 12:06:46 CEST 2006

Gabriel C wrote:
> Christian Hamar wrote:
>>> Well, the main reason for doing this is bug hunting. 0.5 will
>>> definitely have 2.16 (the stable release). Bumping to 2.15 and getting
>>> bugs ironed out *now* will ensure that 0.5 will have a stable Gnome,
>>> which is much better than a buggy Gnome like we had in 0.4. If it's ok
>>> with everyone I will probably bump to 2.15 sometime soon.
>> Soso. If you remember there was a discussion about this in the past. At
>> some 0.4pre* version. Then there was bump from 2.12 to 2.13 or not to
>> bump. We choose not to bump.
> Well can be but so far I see ( and I'm not really a gnome expert ) 
> 2.15/2.16 will have some
> bigger changes as well gtk* which already has.
>> I don't understand something. If we got in the repos gnome 2.15 then why
>> we got bug hunting ? Bugs already hunted and fixed and will be hunted /
>> fixed for 2.16 release.
> krix , yes  they will but the most bug  reports are from distros using 
> .15 like FCx|*ubuntu etc.
> The other thing is because gnome is a collection of 'random programs' 
> there will be 'distro bugs only'
> which we need find and kill off.

Yes, exactly.

I think the current standing is 4:2 for bumping. VMiklos? What's your 
opinion as Core Devel?


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