[Frugalware-devel] French doc translation

Enda enda at netou.com
Wed Jun 7 02:20:45 CEST 2006

VMiklos a écrit :
> that's not your mistake. i've just fixed it an updated the .po files.
> probably it is a fuzzy message now in fr.po, if the translation
> generated by msgmerge is ok, feel free to send a patch to remove those
> "#fuzzy" lines
ok thx.
I'll update the po file of course (is it the correct way to submit a 
patch? or should I submit a diff result?)
>> an other question, should I post translations files for frugalwareutils here? or maybe 
>> on BTS?
> as you want, it's ok here
ok, I'll send it here
>> Should I left named "fr.po" or rename it depending on directory where I found it?
> i think using $dirname.po is easier so that you can attach more than one
> po to your mail without any problem
I'l do it this way.
I Don't know when I'll send it, frugalwareutils are translated (except 
darcs which I've forgot), but I think I'll send it with doc which is 
half translated (I hope than I read english better than I write it :-/)
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