[Frugalware-devel] Delay 0.6 release?

Alex Smith alex at alex-smith.me.uk
Thu Nov 9 08:14:31 CET 2006

VOROSKOI Andras wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 08:42:27PM +0000, Alex Smith wrote:
>> Bullshit. Really, a release schedule isn't a "stick to it or die" thing. 
>> I mean, take this as an example "Oh look the kernel is broken and it 
>> doesn't boot. Let's release anyway". It's totally idiotic. I will *NOT* 
>> revert Gnome.
> You behave as an asshole sometimes. Have you noticed that? Why are your
> mails full of fuck/ass/idiot/stupid?
> We told out opinion without these words, try to do so. Don't be a child
> who hasn't got his lolly.

That's because I'm rather annoyed that you all think it's suitable to 
release with stuff that is potentially broken. If it's broken, users 
will say "Frugalware is broken" and we'll lose users...

> Really. I'm happy that you are in the team and do this gnome stuff.
> Thanks for helping us, but please don't be so arrogant when you
> disagree. We can discuss it as we always did. Thanks in advance! Have a
> nice day!

Everyone's arrogant. Not just me.

You know, maybe I should just go use Ubuntu like boobaa suggested... I 
mean, why do I have any reason to maintain anything after being insulted 
like that?

Alex Smith
Frugalware Linux developer - http://www.frugalware.org

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