[Frugalware-devel] away from Feb 1st-6th

Daniel Exner dex at dragonslave.de
Thu Jan 31 20:30:23 CET 2008


Miklos Vajna:
> here is what we can do:
> 1) call the user stupid if he/she does so - don't change anything
> 2) put an extra identifier file to all net/cd/dvd image, so that we can
> ignore disks which are not frugalware install medias.
> in fact i don't like 2). say we decide to create an empty
> "frugalware.install" file in the root directory. then a user can still
> create a custom image that is not a frugalware install disc but contains
> such a file then we are where we started. i hate such magic files.
> OTOH, i can imagine that others hit this bug by accident, while in case
> we introduce a magic file, they'll probably never hit this bug by
> accident.
> opinions?
I'm not sure how the installer checks for this, but isn't it possible to  add
"Include file//dev/(sd.+)|(hd.+)/frugalware-$arch"
in pacman-g2.conf before file with netinstall servers?

Just my 2 cents

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