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On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 06:55:19AM +1000, Russell Dickenson
<russelldickenson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think here it would be better to refer to the forums; the -users
> > mailing list is really unused these days.
> NP - I'll change this to "the forums".  Where should the competition
> be announced?  I'm thinking that because it's a short-lived event, a
> news item would be best.

Sure, a news item looks ok to me as well.

> Where might we store those entries which we accept into the official
> Frugalware artwork gallery?

Once you send me your public key, you'll be given a
http://frugalware.org/~phayz directory as well, you can put them there
for example. Just an idea.

> I mentioned earlier that I'd like to see the competition's
> announcement translated.  But since I had put the starting date as
> Sunday this week, that doesn't leave much time.  Should we have the
> translation done or delay the competition's start date?  I apologise
> that this problem was caused by my delay in preparing the
> announcement.

I think the previous. If you kindly ask the translators, they'll do it
in a few days, that does not matter that much IMHO.
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