[Frugalware-devel] Todo list for Getorin

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at frugalware.org
Sun Apr 5 00:28:11 CEST 2009


Here are few ideas I thought about, there are partly remaining tasks
from 0.9 and 1.0.

1) Resurrect fwlive

fwlive is something essential, personally I usually have one with me,
and sometimes it's really handy - there were no fwlive release for 1.0,
due to recent kernel/busybox/sqlzma breakage. It would be really good to
be able to make it working again for 1.1pre1.

2) Graphical installer


Should we close this? I think at least we need to wait till fwlive works
again and fwife works within fwlive. AFAIK noone from the dev team is
interested in a redhat-like graphical installer - but in case someone
really wants to do it, I don't mind.

3) sysvinit translations


This is something probably I should work on, po files in
frugalware-current.git are dead, we should create a separate
frugalware-translations package for sysvinit scripts and put it to

4) Pootle integration for newsletters and news entries


Probably IroNiQ or me could work on this, once we impelemented this, we
probably could have an up2date French/Danish translation for news
entries and newsletters.

Remaining ideas from

5) Hooks for texinfo / desktop files /etc

One step we did is that we have the interesting strings (ie "starting
full system upgrade", "upgraded foo", etc.) in English in the log file,
so that it should be fairly easy to get the list of
added/upgraded/removed pkgs of the last -Su from the logfile in a hook,
but that's all. We still execute texinfo after each package and this
could be improved.

This could speed up a default install *a lot*, I guess.

(The monit and fselect ideas are nice, but it seems there aren't too
much demand on them.)

6) Fpm archive

This should be now quite easy, because repoman does not do an 'ssh
genesis; do something' but has an interface, and calls only 'ssh
genesis repoman server <params>' all the time, so we just need to change
the repoman server internal implementation.

7) repoman log

Ditto, only repoman server have to be modified, and I think it would be
nice to have this one.

A few really new ideas:

8) AFAIK we haven't had a TODO item for the old init scripts, now we
could really get rid of the old ones for 1.1 to make gService happy even
for some rare packages which are not installed on most systems.

9) I got a request in private that it would be nice to have pacman-g2
--help (and similar) strings to have in one string in the po files, that
would result in better translations. I agree with this, it would be good
to check our other translatable projects as well (frugalwareutils, etc).

Feel free to reply to this mail and add your own ones. :)

[ For those who are sorrowed by not seeing tons of new and innovative
ideas: I don't think we really need big and radical changes in 1.1:
maintaining what we currently have is a big task on its own and doing it
properly for a long time is a great goal itself. But of course in case
others have other brand new ideas, I don't want to block them. :) ]
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