[Frugalware-devel] Can I please be cloned?

fbiot at free.fr fbiot at free.fr
Wed Jul 15 13:34:40 CEST 2009

I need to be forked also, but then, I'll need to be synced with any kind of method. unison or rsync, so
the work of my clone will not be lost for me.

----- hermier at frugalware.org a écrit :

> Russell Dickenson a écrit :
> > Does anyone else feel that they'd benefit by being cloned?  The
> > original could do the fun stuff with Frugalware, while the other
> goes
> > to work and takes care of family etc.  I have so many things I want
> to
> > do in the "world" of Frugalware, but seem to have little time to do
> > so.
> >
> > Does anyone know how human cloning is progressing?
> >
> Duno but instead of being cloned I would prefer to be forked, that
> way
> I'll be sure that we share the same original memory, so that
> knowledge
> is not lost in case one of the fork "clones" might disappear.
> > Note that I didn't log this in the BTS as I don't know if it's a
> bug
> > or a feature request!  :P
> My guess is that's a future request, but I doubt god or the evolution
> or
> <put here in what you believe> as ever thought about a BTS we can
> access.
> Michel
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