[Frugalware-devel] PAM WIP Repo needs testing

Krisztian VASAS iron at frugalware.org
Thu Oct 8 19:57:06 CEST 2009

bouleetbil (gaetan) wrote:
> Hi
> I've create a repo PAM for Frugalware. I've rebuild some packages as shadow, added some new packages as policykit and bump GDM, gnome-power-manager, gnome-screensaver to version 2.28 and add some basics pam rules.
> BTW : GDM 2.28 don't include any artworks and don't have any GUI for configure it. GDM have been rewrite from scratch and use gconf for the configuration.

i've found a spare machine for testing @work. The gnome228 works almost 
perfect @home (just compiz autostar does not want to work, but i'll 
solve it).

> I've build pam without features as cracklib. PAM is build with the minumum for all works without change any configurations. This repo don't include some pam modules as fingerprint, pam-ssh etc..

The missing pam-ssh is not so good, but let's try first locally. Btw 
what's the problem with pam-ssh? The missing fingerprint is not a big 
deal currently but i'll be waiting for it because i have some idea which 
is waiting for implementation @work.

> This repo is synced for all archs and can be find here :
> http://ftp.frugalware.org/pub/other/people/bouleetbil/pam/
> PAM packages :
> pam
> devicekit : It will replace hal in the futur.
> devicekit*
> policykit
> gnome-policykit
> consolekit
> If someone can test it that can be well. After if that works we can perhaps talk for add it into current.

i'll install the machine today and will connect it to local ldap tomorrow.

> If we accept to add PAM to current. 
> 1. We should DON'T BUMP any PAM packages :
> the PackageX version Y works with PackageZ Version X, but PackageX version Y don't works with PackageZ Version Z.
> 2. We can add network manager and some NM modules : http://bugs.frugalware.org/task/3822
> 3. We can add some new identifications as fingerprint, but perhaps talk before add a new PAM module.

IMHO we should check one of the bigger distros pam solution and 
implement that one in ours. They have bigger user and devel base and 
they also have bigger knowledge about pam.

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