[Frugalware-devel] [gnome3] gnometesting ready to testing/merge

bouleetbil (gaetan) bouleetbil at frogdev.info
Wed Apr 6 12:31:24 CEST 2011

As you know perhaps I work to integrate gnome3 to frugalware : http://wiki.frugalware.org/index.php/Gnome3

Gnome3 is released and available for frugalware for all archs.

Some French users use it since some days without problems and I use the devel versions and now gnome3 since some months with all archs and some chipset drivers (intel, nv with nouveau...)

If you are ok I would merge it into current in some days, and be afraid for users that don't like gnome-shell or hardware doesn't support gnome-shell you can use gnome-panel. (if your hardware don't support gnome-shell, gnome-session will switch to gnome-panel)

But before merge it, repoman should have a new feature :
repoman should clean a directory without delete the fpm. I've moved a lot of packages.
$ repoman clean group/pkgname --noremovefpm

Now main group gnome should use gtk3 and all deprecated binding/packages are moved into extra.

I've rebuild all revers dep and add some replaces, provides ....

With this bump of gnome 
1. artwork should be fixed (we can use the default gnome3 theme for now, the default theme is not bad) can be fixed into current.
2. kde4 doesn't support the latest networkmanager. (hermier if you can fix it or disable NetworkManager into kde4)
3. uevt is broken with new libnotify (Elentir you would fix it into gnometesting or you will do it into current)
4. some ayatana indicators and unity don't work. But as have say to devil505, it's ok for me to patch glib2, gtk... if that don't break anything but ayatana integration should don't block gnome bump.
That's all for me.


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