[Frugalware-devel] phonon backend needed

Michel Hermier hermier at frugalware.org
Sun Apr 24 10:59:29 CEST 2011

>> 2011.04.23. 22:43:49-kor Marius Cirsta írta:
>>>  There's currently a bug in Frugalware which happend when you try to
>>> shut down the PC from KDE 4 : http://bugs.frugalware.org/task/4423
>>>  I've managed to track it down to a missing phonon backend problem. By
>>> default all KDE packages that need phonon depend on it directly. This
>>> causes no backend to be installed. The problem is that since no phonon
>>> backend is installed KDE fails to play the logout sound. Due to poor
>>> coding this also causes the shutdown to just hang.
>> I don't know if there is (or there could be) any other phonon backend
>> besides
>> xine, but let's assume that's there is/could be. This reminds me the
>> case
>> of
>> hunspell: it's useless without a dictionary, but there could be any of
>> the
>> dictionaries installed. To solve this the hunspell package (ro)depends
>> on
>> hunspell-dict, which is only a fake/meta package: all the hunspell
>> dictionaries (hunspell-en, hunspell-hu, hunspell-de, etc.) provide(s)
>> hunspell-dict. So "pacman-g2 -S hunspell" does bring up at least one
>> dictionary, which makes hunspell usable.
> Technically there should be a default backend, that is unsplittable from
> phonon. It is the ??? backend. I disabled it on purpose, because I smell
> binaries problems in a near future. That said yes, maybe we should provide
> a default backend to avoid this bug, but I would prefer that bug to be
> solved cleanly by upstream.

Pulseaudio was meant here instead of ???. I sent the mail to much early
before searching the name.

>>>  The problem might be found in other places too and having phonon with
>>> no backend installed is clearly a bug as no sound can be played.
>> I think something like this could be done for the aforementioned phonon
>> vs.
>> xine (and/or other backend/s) scenario as well.
> Even thought it is a bug/issue that sound couldn't be played, it should
> not stopper/blocker for me. I mean Even if sound notification don't work,
> it should not make the program crash/hang or what ever than by-pass the
> notification being not done.

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