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Marius Cirsta mforce2 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 14:19:24 CEST 2011

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Michel Hermier <hermier at frugalware.org> wrote:
>> 2011.04.23. 22:43:49-kor Marius Cirsta írta:
>>>  There's currently a bug in Frugalware which happend when you try to
>>> shut down the PC from KDE 4 : http://bugs.frugalware.org/task/4423
>>>  I've managed to track it down to a missing phonon backend problem. By
>>> default all KDE packages that need phonon depend on it directly. This
>>> causes no backend to be installed. The problem is that since no phonon
>>> backend is installed KDE fails to play the logout sound. Due to poor
>>> coding this also causes the shutdown to just hang.
>> I don't know if there is (or there could be) any other phonon backend
>> besides
>> xine, but let's assume that's there is/could be. This reminds me the case
>> of
>> hunspell: it's useless without a dictionary, but there could be any of the
>> dictionaries installed. To solve this the hunspell package (ro)depends on
>> hunspell-dict, which is only a fake/meta package: all the hunspell
>> dictionaries (hunspell-en, hunspell-hu, hunspell-de, etc.) provide(s)
>> hunspell-dict. So "pacman-g2 -S hunspell" does bring up at least one
>> dictionary, which makes hunspell usable.
> Technically there should be a default backend, that is unsplittable from
> phonon. It is the ??? backend. I disabled it on purpose, because I smell
> binaries problems in a near future. That said yes, maybe we should provide
> a default backend to avoid this bug, but I would prefer that bug to be
> solved cleanly by upstream.

Well the way I see it phonon is pretty much useless unless there's a
proper backend to play the sounds so one really should be installed.
On Linux there's a choice between the following backends : xine , vlc
, gstreamer and mplayer . Xine and VLC backends are probably the most
stable and work best so I'd go with one of those , probably Xine as it
was the first and is still well supported.

Pulseaudio can't play the ogg files that Phonon wants to play as
system sounds so it can't be a proper backend.

I'd prefer the bug be fixed upstream too but it's still a problem if
you don't have at least one proper backend for Phonon.

>>>  The problem might be found in other places too and having phonon with
>>> no backend installed is clearly a bug as no sound can be played.
>> I think something like this could be done for the aforementioned phonon
>> vs.
>> xine (and/or other backend/s) scenario as well.
> Even thought it is a bug/issue that sound couldn't be played, it should
> not stopper/blocker for me. I mean Even if sound notification don't work,
> it should not make the program crash/hang or what ever than by-pass the
> notification being not done.

I fully agree with this , and it'a serious issue. There are several
bugs opened for this problem in the KDE bugtracker but I don't know
when or if the problem will be fixed. I might take a look at the code
myself and see if I can do something about it.

It's a serious bug when not being able to play a sound stops the PC
from shutting down, it should be fixed, no question about that. Still
the problem will remain that KDE won't have a phonon backend and won't
be able to play any system sounds. Let's say a user just does pacman
-S kde , he expects it to be fully working , system sounds included.
Sure he might get a message from KDE that it wasn't able to play
system sounds because no phonon backend was installed. He'd then have
to find a Phonon backend in Frugalware and install it manually, pretty
complicated in my opinion.

The solution Boobaa proposed sounds very good to me and my opinion is
that is the way to do it.

One more thing , I was just looking at all the KDE packages and I
wanted to say thanks Michel and all those that have worked on it.
There maybe some issues to fix but overall I like the KDE 4 in

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