[Frugalware-devel] Schedule for 1.5pre2

bouleetbil (gaetan) bouleetbil at frogdev.info
Tue Jun 14 10:12:00 CEST 2011

Le Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:06:59 +0200,
Miklos Vajna <vmiklos at frugalware.org> a écrit :

> Hi,
> - Jun 15 evening: latest package updates
> - Jun 16 evening: upload of snapshot isos to -current-iso
> - Jun 17 evening: update of -testing
> - Jun 18 evening: upload of final release isos
> - Jun 20 morning: release
> Does that sound OK?
Ok for me
> Please also update NEWS, I already wrote about my items there.
> NOTE: As we discussed earlier, I'll do i686 only, but I'm happy if port
> maintainers (that's mainly bouleetbil for x86_64, since arm has no
> installer yet and ppc builder is still having network problems), prepare
> a snapshot iso and/or final release iso.
I will don't have the time, I should resolve some personal problems. 
BTW : I think I will be away for a long time.
> That would be a good test to see if our 'repo' user is indeed useful -
> if yes, then I would like to delegate the non-i686 release stuff even
> for the 1.5 stable release as well.
> Feel free to ask for help, if needed.
> Thanks.

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