[Frugalware-devel] kde 4.8.0

Melko melko at frugalware.org
Sun Feb 19 21:59:11 CET 2012

2012/2/14 Marius Cirsta <mforce2 at gmail.com>
>  Removed the whole .kde folder and now it works I guess ... everything
> pretty much back to default but I'd like to investigate a bit ... This
> is not normal ... and since I'm not the only one who got this error we
> should see what the problem is.
>  I know you're busy so I'll do my best to look at this. Until then I
> suggest not merging this to current.

any news from you investigations?
I think it's not worth waiting too much just for a panel.. it's something
users can fix with a click,
and I'd prefer having 4.8.0 in -current soon, so ryuo can continue it's
work on basetesting
(some of the kdelibs stuff relies on a package that he wants to bump, so
he'll need to to a big rebuild)
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