[Frugalware-forums] 2 issues with the latest upgrades

mathieu buffat mathieu.buffat at cegetel.net
Tue Aug 19 12:54:07 CEST 2008

hello all,

Here's 2 problem I meet with my fresh upgrade on my DELL PRECISION M6300:
-1st: wifi problem, my Ipw 4965 connect and disconnect less than 1 minute after without any log problem.I have to down then up the connection to get another minute of connection and so on... It seems that a bug has been reported with the latest kernel.
-2nd: My DVD does not work although all liveCD boots fine on it.
No pb with USB key or external USB hardware (HDD or cam).I saw a bug was alsa reported but even with the udev package refrshed the problem stay.o get 

Hence I wonder how I can come back on the previous state of frugalware (a kind of rollback) at least for the kernel to get the wifi module work that is my main issue actually.

Thanks in advance

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