[Frugalware-forums] Re: Re: Re: KDE 4

Bob Waddington bob.waddington at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 25 10:45:18 CEST 2008

First of all, please understand that I *never* attempted to "flame" anyone. What I was trying to do was to enthuse someone, anyone, amongst the Frugalware developers to get involved in KDE4. Flaming is, I believe, a total waste of time and misplaced emotion.

When I asked about a "single desktop" distro, I was just checking that you did intend to continue to support a wide range of desktops, and I am glad to hear that you do.

I never spoke about server support. That did not come from anything I wrote.

What Gabriel C actually said was: "In short 0.9 won't have KDE4.X , most probably 1.X". Very different from your "no KDE4 in Frugalware before 0.9". Which is it? It really does make a big difference.

I am glad to hear about the "work in progress" repo. A pity that nobody mentioned it earlier. Is it a usable KDE4.1? If so, how about a How-to?

I regret that I am unable to understand the first part about crazy. (Literally, I mean, I can't understand the English - this is no flame!) As for making him angry, I do not think I have even replied to any of his messages on this subject. Certainly not deliberately. If I have, at any stage, said something which appears to contradict something he has said earlier, it must be because we hold different views about something. This is entirely possible, but I would hope that it would not make him "angry".

Indeed, I don't want to make anyone angry. I just want to see Frugalware include the current live version of KDE, which is 4.1, according to the KDE web site. Continued support for 3.5.9 has been promised for a while, but 4.1 is the current version. And no amount of out-of-date pronouncements from anyone (about "unstable" and "pre-alpha") can change that.

So, for positively the last time from me, could we please all stop squabbling about this, and get on with implementing KDE4 in Frugalware?

Sadly, I am writing this using openSUSE. Using KDE4.1.



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