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*howto create usb live

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-Initramfs for Frugalware
+Download the source :
+git clone git://git.frugalware.org/pub/other/people/bouleetbil/fw-initramfs
+-Initramfs for Frugalware-

usage :
1. create initramfs :
@@ -6,11 +9,18 @@ $ cd /usr/share/fw-initramfs/
# ./create_initramfs.sh

2. create usb live
-Edit /etc/sysconfig/usbkey.config.sh
-$ cd /usr/share/fw-initramfs/
-# ./create_usblive.sh
-You should use the same arch for the usbkey and the hosted that build this key
+For make an usb live Frugalware you should have an install frugalware.
+The LiveUSB use the same configuration as the hosting frugalware.
+ # cd fw-initramfs
+ # make install
+ # Edit /etc/sysconfig/liveusbkey
+Replace USBDEVICE="" by the partition where you want install this usb live.
+By default that will install the base of frugalware. If you want some others packages, change the PKG variable.
+PKG="nano iputils"
+ # cd /usr/share/fw-initramfs
+ # ./create_usblive.sh
+The first time that that can be long, the time to build some static binary as busybox.
+ Restart and enjoy :)

3. Basic cryptsetup
Create your partitions so that you have a small /boot, and an other partition that has the rest of the space.

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