Kernel update in -current: WARNING for Intel users with IDE controllers

As of kernel-2.6.22-6 in Frugalware-current, Intel users will have /dev/sd* devices rather than /dev/hd* ones. The reason is the following: It was not possible to boot the kernel on some machines without this change. See this bugreport for more details. So after upgrading using pacman -Syu, you need to:

  1. Check if you have an Intel IDE controller using sudo lspci |grep -i intel.*ide. If you got no result then probably you’re not affected.
  2. Edit /etc/fstab: change all occurrences of /dev/hd to /dev/sd.
  3. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst: change all occurrences of /dev/hd to /dev/sd in the Frugalware entry.
  4. Reboot.

Thanks for your understanding!