[Frugalware-announce] Frugalware 0.4pre2-i686 released

VMiklos vmiklos at frugalware.org
Thu Feb 2 01:15:43 CET 2006

   The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate
   availability of Frugalware 0.4pre2-i686, the second technical preview
   release of 0.4-i686.
   A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.4pre1-i686:
     * New features:
          + Libificated [1]pacman to meet our needs, and the newborn
            [2]pacman 3 has become the default package manager.
          + Network configuration has been redesigned, now we support
            various network profiles, and much more network parameters
            (hardware address, multiple ip addresses on a single
            interface, etc) than before.
          + Created a new, more verbose [3]documentation.
          + Switched to udev as the default hotplug multiplexer.
          + Bugfix: now automounting for usb sticks works fine, not only
            for CDs or DVDs.
          + More than 100 new packages - on client side: wepdecrypt,
            konversation, ltp, gtkpod, firefox extensions, etc.
          + New server side packages: xen (with dom0 and domU kernels),
            darcsweb, rails, perl modules and much more!
     * Behind the scenes:
          + Added package splitting support.
          + Started to work on a PPC port.
     * Updates: As usual, Frugalware comes with the latest version of
       upstream stable releases, including:
          + Linux kernel 2.6.15
          + Modularized Xorg 7.0
          + Apache 2.2.0

   Please refer to the Frugalware [4]ChangeLog for more information.

   Download: [5]netinstall (19M), [6]cd1 (491M), [7]cd2 (694M),
   [8]dvd (3.1G)


   A full list of packages also [9]available.


  1. http://www.archlinux.org/pacman/
  2. http://darcs.frugalware.org/darcsweb/darcsweb.cgi?r=pacman
  3. http://frugalware.org/docs.php
  4. http://darcs.frugalware.org/darcsweb/darcsweb.cgi?r=frugalware-current;a=log
  5. http://frugalware.org/download.php?url=frugalware-current-iso/frugalware-0.4pre2-i686-net.iso
  6. http://frugalware.org/download.php?url=frugalware-current-iso/frugalware-0.4pre2-i686-cd1.iso
  7. http://frugalware.org/download.php?url=frugalware-current-iso/frugalware-0.4pre2-i686-cd2.iso
  8. http://frugalware.org/download.php?url=frugalware-current-iso/frugalware-0.4pre2-i686-dvd.iso
  9. http://ftp.frugalware.org/pub/frugalware/frugalware-current/Packages-i686.lst

udv / greetings,

Developer of Frugalware Linux, to make things frugal - http://frugalware.org

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