[Frugalware-announce] Frugalware wallpaper competition

phayz noreply at frugalware.org
Fri Jul 25 00:08:20 CEST 2008

For the first time in Frugalware's history, we're running a wallpaper
competition. The aim of this competition is to get an original wallpaper for
Frugalware's 0.9 - "Solaria" - release.  The winning entry will be set as the
default wallpaper.  It will also be the basis for various derivative works -
e.g. KDE/GDM/SLiM themes, splash screens.The successful entrant may be offered the opportunity to produce derivative
works from their winning wallpaper.  If they decline this offer, a Frugalware
developer will produce these works based on the source files provided by the
entrant (refer below for this condition).Judgement criteria
  * For the duration of the judging period, each Frugalware developer can cast a
    maximum of 1 vote for each entry.  The entry with the most votes at the end of
    the judging period will be declared the winning entry.  If any entries have the
    same number of votes for them, vmiklos will choose the winning entry from these
  * While the wallpaper's content is open to the imagination of the entrant, it must
    not (a) be offensive to the general public, (b) have negative connotations -
    e.g. attempt to denegrate another Linux distribution, company, person etc;
  * The winning entry will be announced on the Frugalware forums, also via a news
    entry on the Frugalware web site.  All entries will be considered for inclusion
    in the official Frugalware library;
  * The winning entrant will be notified via email;
  * The competition is open to everyone, including Frugalware developers.
Submission requirements
  * All entries must comply with the "Frugalware artwork requirements" - refer to
  * Each entrant can submit a maximum of three (3) entries;
  * Each entry must be entirely original artwork by the entrant;
  * Any entry which is found to be in conflict with these submission requirements or
    the Frugalware artwork rules will be declared invalid and excluded from the
Timetable and deadline

  * Entries may be submitted to the Frugalware developers mailing list -
    frugalware-devel at frugalware.org - from 27 July 2008 to 9 August 2008.
  * Judging will occur after submissions close, with a winning entry being selected
    by 16 August 2008.

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