[Frugalware-announce] nVidia Package Notice

hermier noreply at frugalware.org
Thu Oct 16 23:32:07 CEST 2008

If you follow the nVidia news, you probably now there is a new legacy driver.
Basically all the support for the FX cards is dropped in the mainline package
and is left in a new legacy package.
The new legacy driver is now available as nvidia-173xx, and the latest nvidia
package is also available. So please check your card status and update to the
nvidia-173xx package if needed before reporting that X don't start anymore.
Also note that the nVidia packages use a new general build script, so report any
breakage not related to the previous issue.
And to conclude, for those who have some old nVidia hardware, should now be
happy to know that the nvidia-71xx legacy package is now available.

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