[Frugalware-darcs] pacman-tools: repoman.1: spelling fixes.

Priyank priyank at frugalware.org
Sun Jul 1 07:59:48 CEST 2007

Darcsweb-Url: http://darcs.frugalware.org/darcsweb/darcsweb.cgi?r=pacman-tools;a=darcs_commitdiff;h=20070701055545-5ce2c-8de138443ac2c32167bc6752f6f344f205dc772b.gz;

[repoman.1: spelling fixes.
Priyank <priyank at frugalware.org>**20070701055545] {
hunk ./repoman.1 70
-Here you sould substituate foo with the nick of the repo owner, current vmiklos.
+Here you should substitute foo with the nick of the repo owner, currently vmiklos.
hunk ./repoman.1 172
-Usuall I (vmiklos) use the following:
+Usually I (vmiklos) use the following:

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