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+=3D=3D=3D Forwarding ports
+# ssh -L 8000:server.com:80 server.com
+After this you can access server.com:80 at localhost:8000 even if server.c=
+is not accessible from your machine. In case you don't have ssh to server.=
+but you have one to a machine which is allowed to access server.com:80, us=
+# ssh -L 8000:server.com:80 ssh.server.com
+=3D=3D=3D Socks proxy
+Many mobile users have the following problem: they have to use an unencryp=
+wireless lan and they want to access webservers which does not support htt=
+There is an easy solution for this: you transfer data to a server in an ss=
+tunnel then the data can be transferred to the server unencrypted in a wir=
+network. This is much more secure. Set up the socks proxy on localhost:808=
+$ ssh -D 8080 server.com
+Then configure your webbrowser to use the proxy, for example in firefox, s=
+`Manual proxy configuration` and then set `SOCKS Host` to localhost, `Port=
` to
+NOTE: Don't forget to clear other proxy fields! (HTTP, SSL, FTP, etc)

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