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-QuickStart for lazy users aka. "I am new to qemu and I want to use it, help!" :)
+=== QuickStart
+If you are completely new to `qemu`, you may find the big list of switches a
+bit confusing. Most users want to install an operating system from a cdrom
+image to a virtual harddisk. Here is what you need:
hunk ./source/xapps-extra/qemu/README.Frugalware 9
-$ wget bar.iso
+$ wget http://server.com/bar.iso
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+=== Tricks
+It worth to read the full documentation at
+`/usr/share/doc/qemu-*/qemu-doc.html`, it really worth to do so.
+To demonstrate how powerfull `qemu` is, here are a few cheap tricks:
+If you want to be able to ssh to the machine, you can use port derirection. For
+example using the `-redir tcp:1022::22` option, `qemu:22` will be available at
+NOTE: This requires `root` privileges.
+You can create a unix socket to control your virtual machine. For example if
+you are not able to ssh to the machine, you can still properly shut it down:
+Use the `-monitor unix:/tmp/qemu,server,nowait` option, then send the `sendkey
+ctrl-alt-delete` string to the socket, for example using python:
+python -c "import socket; sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_UNIX, socket.SOCK_STREAM); \
+sock.connect('/tmp/qemu'); \
+sock.send('sendkey ctrl-alt-delete\n')"
+Finally a trick about vnc: using for example the `-vnc 0` option, it's possible
+to reach qemu's display via vnc. This is quite handy if you run qemu on a
+server (for example in screen), then you can freely attach to and detach from
+it whenever you want to do so.
+Really, read the full documentation! :)
+// vim: ft=asciidoc

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