[Frugalware-darcs] frugalware-current: util.sh: bugfix in Frcd

Priyank priyank at frugalware.org
Sun Jun 17 07:40:34 CEST 2007

Darcsweb-Url: http://darcs.frugalware.org/darcsweb/darcsweb.cgi?r=frugalware-current;a=darcs_commitdiff;h=20070617053727-5ce2c-a97b650bca70b34fa30b3e62a5d85cbe264adf1f.gz;

[util.sh: bugfix in Frcd
Priyank <priyank at frugalware.org>**20070617053727
 Frcd should not use $pkgname by default because this will override
 _F_rcd_name even if _F_rcd_name was explicitly specified in the
] {
hunk ./source/include/util.sh 615
-		Frcd "$pkgname"
+		Frcd "$_F_rcd_name"

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