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[gnetconfig: added README.
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+Gnetconfig 0.1
+Gnetconfig is a graphical network configuration tool for Frugalware
+Linux. Gnetconfig uses the libfwnetconfig library to perform network
+configuration tasks.
+* gtk+2-2.10.0 or higher
+* frugalwareutils-0.7.2 or higher
+Gnetconfig requires super user privileges. The recommended way is to run
+it using sudo or gksu.
+* To run it using sudo, type:
+$ sudo gnetconfig
+* To run it using gksu (install it with pacman -S gksu), type:
+$ gksu gnetconfig
+Reporting bugs
+If you encounter a bug in Gnetconfig, report it at
+http://bugs.frugalware.org/ with a detailed description of the problem
+and how to reproduce it.

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