[Frugalware-devel] Thunderbird 3

hermier at frugalware.org hermier at frugalware.org
Thu Dec 10 13:00:49 CET 2009

Dear fellow developers,

Here is the preliminary patch so that you can test the new thunderbird. So
far I only have a bug which seems to randomly block the gui from time to
time. Also maybe some regressions are expected if you are using it as a
xulrunner source. But it should not be a big issue since we provide a real
xulrunner package.
If you notice any kind of regression/problem related to the way the
package is done please inform me (I think about desktop integration etc


PS: the patch is lacking the firefox-3.0.6-gcc44.patch, that you you
should obviously pick, from the firefox dir (will be renamed for the
PPS: you'll have to remove the build option --with-system-png, till I push
the png bump with apng support.
PPPS: Maybe they are other things that I forget, but I which you a happy
testing with this preliminary patch.
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