[Frugalware-devel] New Greek mirror

Russell Dickenson russelldickenson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 03:20:29 CET 2010

On 23 March 2010 09:57, Miklos Vajna <vmiklos at frugalware.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> We just got a new offer from the University of Crete:
> http://frugalware.org/download#greece
> ftp6 used to be one of the US mirrors we provide and
> http://sourcemirrors.org/ just provides a fixme frontpage since months,
> so I reused that domain for the new mirror.
> As a result:
> http://frugalware.org/~vmiklos/stats/mirmon/
> mirmon reports 2 broken mirrors only and 9 working ones! ;)
> Enjoy \o/

Fantastic! I'll announce this in the newsletter, hopefully published
late today (local time, of course). I will also make a renewed effort
to get off my a$$ and ask/beg/plead for a new Australian mirror, since
the current one hasn't been available for a long time.

May you always be Frugal,

Russell Dickenson (AKA phayz)

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