[Frugalware-devel] xorg 1.14 and mesa 9.1 testing

James Buren ryu0 at ymail.com
Tue Jul 16 03:35:18 CEST 2013

hermier and I have finalized upgrades to X, mesa, and other X libs.
The main new thing of interest is that ATI cards have had initial
support added for the UVD, which will allow libvdpau to use ATI
hardware to accelerate more video codecs. This will not function yet
as it requires kernel 3.10 and new firmware, but this X11 bump takes
care of the userspace side.

To my knowledge, this breaks catalyst compatibility. I am tempted to
just remove catalyst if the new UVD support works out. Nvidia appears
to be working as the existing driver claims to support XOrg 1.14.

I plan to merge on Friday, provided there has been successful tests
with nouveau, intel, and ati. Anyway, have fun. :)

Now for testing instructions:

Add this to /etc/pacman-g2.conf, ensuring it is before current. Include = /etc/pacman-g2/repos/ryuotesting11 Add this to /etc/pacman-g2/repos/ryuotesting11: [ryuotesting11]
Server=http://ftp.frugalware.org/pub/other/people/ryuo/ryuotesting11/frugalware-@CARCH@ Replace @CARCH@ with your appropriate architecture. Now: pacman-g2 -Syu And reboot. Thanks for testing. 

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