[Frugalware-forums] Re: Few questions

Priyank M.G. priyankmg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 14:22:13 CET 2008

bugmenot wrote on Tue, 04 November 2008 08:37
> Then I just can't use it.
> Wifi won't work in 2.6.26.
> Suspend doesn't work on my laptop, only tuxonice.

Hmm how about installing FW 0.9 stable and compile your own (2.6.27) kernel.

As far as suspsend is concerned, many of my friends, and even myself use Frugalware and suspend works on our systems without any issues. Maybe it's a problem with the distro that you're using.

> Splashy is crap.

yeah, that is why so many distributions support it :)

Oh and btw, #define crap please.

> Guess the world gov (M$) paid a visit to this distro already.

Ah yeah, the world gov pays a visit to every single thing that doesn't work the way i want.

 - Priyank
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