[Frugalware-forums] wrond driver code?

Gabriel C crazy at frugalware.org
Sat Nov 8 14:19:03 CET 2008

paparucino wrote:

> Hello guys,
> I bought a new webcam (Logitech QuickCam S5500) and wanted to use it with aMSN. When I attempt to configure using the amsn assistant I get Device=v4l2:UVC Camera (046d:09a1) but the "test screen" is black. 
> I thought the driver v4l2 was missing or not installed so ran make gconfig, then in Device Drivers -> Multimedia Device I checked Video For Linux.
> Compiled everything as inside the kernel (option Y) and reboot.
> I get this error

[ snip , since that does not matter you broke something with your custom kernel ]

> Restore the previous kernel and everything was ok (the webcam test screen is always black, but at least its checked by the software).
> It has to be said that if I use kopete the webcam works fine (doesnt work with the "bugged kernel")
> Some questions:
> Is the driver I tried to install bugged? 
> Is there a new version of it?

Now read what you wrote yourself again :p 'When the driver and the webcam works with kopete' how can this be an 'driver bug?' :)

> How can I have my webcam to work with amsn. Kopete doesnt stores the sessions.

Probably aMSN does not work with UVC based cams yet ? You may want to ask the aMSN devels about this issue.

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