[Frugalware-forums] Re: wrond driver code?

Gabriel C crazy at frugalware.org
Sun Nov 9 01:15:25 CET 2008

paparucino wrote:

> crazy wrote on Sat, 08 November 2008 14:19
>> [ snip , since that does not matter you broke something with your custom kernel ]
> I think its important since I used one of the drivers present in frugalware :d
> Quote:
>>> It has to be said that if I use kopete the webcam works fine (doesnt work with the "bugged kernel")
>> Now read what you wrote yourself again :p 'When the driver and the webcam works with kopete' how can this be an 'driver bug?' :)
> If you read carefully :d I wrote (doesnt work with the bugged kernel) meaning that it worked under kopete when using the original kernel, it stopped to work when I used the kernel with the "bugged kernel" aka the kernel with the, IMHO, wrong driver

I did .. The 'errors' you posted have something to do with the broken install of your custom kernel .. or you didn't updated / installed it correctly etc etc.

With these errors probably the whole v4l* won't work at all.

> Quote:
>> Probably aMSN does not work with UVC based cams yet ? You may want to ask the aMSN devels about this issue.
> Surely I will ask in the aMSN forums, but what me worry is the presence, always IMHO, of that driver causing the above mentioned errors. As long as I know (very few :d) a driver should be error free.

Ideally yes but this isn't a driver issue since the HW ( your cam ) works with the SW ( the driver ) with 'some application ( in this case kopete ) ' but 
not with 'the other one ( in this case aMSN )'.
With an broken driver you won't be able to make your cam work with whatever application.

That means aMSN does not have UVC based cams fully supported or it has some bug with the implementation etc.
Also have a look at this ( the aMSN part ):


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