[Frugalware-forums] Re: Frugalware 64 bit and pluginflash

Krisztian VASAS iron at frugalware.org
Thu Nov 20 08:53:47 CET 2008

> BaT was told in IRC, that there is an alpha version of flashplugin for x86_64.
> I was installed it, and try how it works.
> There are the steps, it's really simple:
> Download libflashplayer-10.0.d20.7.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz
> http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-10.0.d20.7.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz
>  from adobe.
> Copy the unpacked *.so file to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
> Restart firefox.

I'd be careful with this flash player, it's still in alpha state, maybe 
can cause data loss or any other problematic thing.


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