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Repared to be despised but nevertheless he made a
feeble movement of appeal from Newman's
faint praise. "After all," he said, "she is my daughter, and I can still
look after her. If she will do wrong, why she will. But there are many
different paths, there are degrees. I can give her the benefit--give her
the benefit"--and M. Nioche paused, staring vaguely at Newman, who began
to suspect that his brain had softened--"the benefit of my experience,"
M. Nioche added. "Your experience?" inquired Newman, both amused and
"My experience of business," said M. Nioche, gravely. "Ah, yes," said
Newman, laughing, "that will be a great advantage
to her!"
And then he said good-by, and offered the poor, foolish old man his
hand. M. Nioche took it and leaned back against the wall, holding it a
moment and
looking up at him. "I suppose you think my wits are going," he said.
"Very likely; I have always a pain in my head. That's why I can't
explain, I can't tell you. And she's so strong, she makes me walk as she
will, anywhere! But there's this--there's this." And he stopped, still
staring up at Newman. His little white eyes expanded and
glittered for a moment
like those of a cat in the dark.

"It's not as it seems. I haven't forgiven her. Oh, no!" "That's right;
don't," said Newman. "She's a bad case." "It's
horrible, it's horrible," said M. Nioche;
"but do you want to know the truth? I hate her! I take what she gives
me, and I hate
her more. To-day she brought me three hundred francs; they are here in
my waistcoat pocket. Now I hate her almost cruelly. No, I haven't
forgiven her." "Why did you accept the money?" Newman asked. "If I
said M. Nioche, "I should have hated her still more. That's what misery
is. No, I haven't forgiven
her." "Take care

you don't hurt her!" said Newman, laughing again. And with this he took
his leave. As he
passed along the glazed side of the cafe, on reaching the street, he saw
the old man motioning t
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