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Y rose quickly. "Your mother never drank!" "No; the saints preserve us!"
She looked up in surprise at Larry's startled face. "It was my father. I
don't remember only what mother told me; he left her one night, ravin'
drunk, an' never come back." Larry hastily took up his cap. "I must be
goin' back to the ship now," he said abruptly. "An' thank you, Mary, for
the tea." He hurried from the room. When Larry reached the ground floor
he heard Mary's door open again. "Can I be troublin' you, Mouse, to take
something to Dan?" She came down the stairs, carrying a dinner-pail.
"I'd thought to be eatin' this supper along with him," Mary said,
disappointment in her tone. She followed Larry to the outer landing.
"It's the true
word you was sayin', he'll be makin' Dan water-tender?" Larry forced
himself to look into her anxious eyes. "Sure; it's just as I said,
Mary." "Then I'll pray this night to the Mother of God for that chief;
for soon"--Mary hesitated;

a light came to her face
that lifted the girl

high above her squalid surroundings--"the extra pay'll be comin' handy
soon," she ended, her voice as soft
as a Killarney
breeze. Larry, as he looked at the young wife standing between the
scarred columns of the old doorway, was stirred to the farthest corner
of his heart. "They only smile like that to the angels," he thought.
Then aloud: "Bad cess to me! I was forgettin' entirely! Dan said to
leave this with you." He pushed crumpled, coal-soiled money into her
hand, and fled down the steps. When Larry
heard the door close creakily behind him, he looked back to where Mary
had stood, his eyes blinking rapidly. After some moments he walked
slowly on toward the wharves. In the distance before him the spars and
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